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Course details

Course aim:

This online programme will help clarify the Manager's responsibilities in relation to the enquiry, chairing safeguarding adults meetings and initiating safeguarding adult plans.

Course outcomes:

  • Evidence SMART outcomes during and at the end of an enquiry and safeguarding plan
  • Describe and demonstrate how to embed a robust risk enablement culture during the enquiry and safeguarding plan
  • Explain and demonstrate a range of appropriate responses to a safeguarding enquiry
  • Discuss the role of the chair in safeguarding meetings
Course length
3.5 hrs online via Zoom
Knowledge and Skills Framework
Safeguarding (4) Mental capacity (5) Effective assessments and outcome based support planning (7) Supervision, Critical reflection and analysis (8).
Professional Capability Framework
Values and Ethics: Apply social work, ethical principles and values to guide professional practice (2) Knowledge: Apply knowledge of social sciences, law and social work practice theory (5) Contexts and organisations: Engage with, inform, and adapt to changing contexts that shape practice. Operate effectively within multi agency and inter professional partnerships and settings (8)
Target group
Managers, Team Leaders and any staff coordinating safeguarding enquiries.



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