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Course details

Course objectives:

  • Learn about the people the Act concerns.
  • Know what Mental Capacity is.
  • Learn about the Code of Practice.
  • Know the five core principles of the Act.
  • Know when and how to assess capacity.
  • Know how to make decisions in a person’s best interests.
  • Learn about the importance of keeping good records.
  • Learn what can be done within the law.
  • Learn about restraint.
  • Learn about the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards.
  • Learn about the Lasting Powers of Attorney.
  • Learn about resolving disputes.
  • Learn about the Court of Protection.
  • Learn about advance decisions.
  • Learn about Independent Mental Capacity Advocates (IMCAs).
  • Learn about the importance of research.
  • Learn about children and young people who lack capacity.

Course content:

  • Rights to make decisions
  • What you must know
  • Background to the Act
  • Code of Practice
  • Whose work does it affect?
  • What is Mental Capacity?
  • Varying circumstances
  • Diagnosis
  • Five statutory principles
  • When to assess capacity
  • Asking questions
  • Mental state
  • Assessing capacity
  • Capacity
  • Day to day decisions
  • Significant decisions
  • Common law
  • Exclusions?
  • All practicable steps
  • Clear records
  • Decision makers
  • Best interests
  • Consultation with others
  • Working within the law
  • Restraint
  • Scenarios
  • Deprivation of Liberty
  • Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards
  • Supervisory body
  • Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)
  • Forms of LPA
  • Resolving Disputes
  • The Courts
  • Court Appointed Deputy
  • Duties and powers
  • Advance decisions to refuse treatment
  • Refusing treatment
  • Criminal prosecution/civil liability
  • Scenarios
  • IMCAs
  • Duties
  • Decisions
  • Disagreements
  • Research issues
  • Approval
  • Requirements
  • Protecting vulnerable adults
  • Criminal offence
  • Children under 16
  • Young people aged 16–17
  • Sharing Information
Course length
1 hours and 45 minutes
Target group
This course is intended for everyone who works with or has contact with vulnerable adults.

This course can be accessed through the Council’s E-learning platform.
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