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Course details

Course aim

Stage 2 of the programme aims to prepare you, in partnership with Coventry City Council Adult Social Care, to competently carry out the role of an Approved Mental Health Professional.

Course outcomes

Stage 2 (AMHP Qualifying Training) consists of Modules 2-4

Values: Assessment and Communication in Approved Mental Health Professional Practice (20 credits)

The Legislative Framework and Approved Mental Health Professional Practice (20 credits)

The Context of Approved Mental Health Professional Practice: Models and Perspectives (20 credits).

All modules are assessed through the medium of the AMHP Qualifying Portfolio.

The course is assessed at Master’s Level.

Prior to the course invitations will be sent  to staff who hold the AMHP Stage 1 module

Applicants should note that there is no automatic progression to Stage 2 of the course. Enrolment is subject to operational needs and requirements. In addition, further interview and selection is also a requirement.

Course length

Following completion of Stage 1 and before starting Stage 2 the applicant must be released to attend the AMHP Hub for a minimum of one day a month, plus release to receive supervision, attend the AMHP Forum and AMHP continuing development events.

Once the Stage 2 course begins this is an 8 month, full time placement in a mental health team different to the candidates normal place of work.  The candidate must have handed over their existing case load at least one week prior to starting the full time element of the course.

Course length
8 months, full time
Knowledge and Skills Framework
The AMHP qualification course meets the criteria as set down by the Department of Health Statutory Instrument 1206 Schedule 2 to the Mental Health (AMHP) (Approval) (England) Regulations 2008.
Professional Capability Framework
The College of Social Work undertook an exercise to map AMHP. Competency to the PCF
Target group

Social Workers who have successfully completed stage 1 of the AMHP course.


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