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Course details

Course objectives:

In this course you will learn about:

  • Appropriate and proportionate assessment.
  • Preventing needs.
  • Taking a holistic, strengths-based approach.
  • Supporting a person’s involvement.
  • Roles, responsibilities and expertise.
  • National eligibility framework.

Course content includes:

  • Who is entitled to assessment?
  • Assessment focus
  • The Local Authority Perspective
  • First contact; Assessment by phone
  • Remaining independent
  • The assessor
  • Wishes
  • Historical needs
  • Advocacy
  • Needs of the wider family
  • What should an assessment consider?
  • The ‘wellbeing’ principle
  • Recording needs
  • Specified outcomes
  • National minimum eligibility threshold
  • When to determine eligibility
  • Eligible for care and support
  • Record keeping
  • Refusing an assessment
  • Financial assessment
  • Paying for care and support
  • Supported self-assessment
  • Separate assessments?
  • Legal obligation
  • Is Mary a carer?
  • Who does not classify as a carer?
  • Do you provide or intend to provide are?
  • Prevention and delay | Who is entitled to an assessment?
  • Young carer
  • The child’s needs assessment
  • The ‘young carer’s assessment
  • Adults caring for disabled children
  • Combined assessments
  • Information and advice
  • Wellbeing, prevention and information and advice
  • Who is the focus?
  • Wellbeing principle
  • Sustainability of the caring role
  • Gateway to services?
  • Aspirations
  • Outcomes and needs
  • Pausing the assessment
  • Eligible needs
  • National carers’ eligibility threshold
  • Carers specified outcomes
  • Support planning
Course length
1 hour
Target group
Social workers or Social Care professionals in assessment roles, or who are responsible for determining eligibility. Anyone in a provider organisation that makes admission or service acceptance decisions. Managers of all the above types of role.

This course can be accessed through the Council’s E-learning platform.
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