Healthcare Cleaning Operative Diploma Level 2
Course details

Course aims:

  • Healthcare cleaning operatives support frontline colleagues in the provision of a hygienically clean healthcare environment at a standard that supports and promotes the recovery of patients and prevents the spread of infection and cross-contamination.
  • Healthcare cleaning operatives additionally use their communication skills to make a positive contribution to the service user’s experience.
  • An employee in this occupation will be responsible for routine and non-routine cleaning, operations including deep cleaning and rapid response cleaning to a hygienic standard of cleanliness set by organisational and policy guidelines.

Course outcomes:

  • Provide routine hygienic cleaning of the healthcare environment to maintain all standards in compliance with the National Standard of Healthcare Cleanliness 2019 as a minimum as well as local standards policy, guidelines and operating procedures.
  • Undertake specialist cleaning projects, both scheduled or in response to an issue using area decontamination technology
  • Distinguish and demonstrate between cleaning and disinfection procedures to comply with processes to match requirements.
  • Determine the classification of soil and contaminating material in order to apply appropriate techniques/ methodology for its safe removal.
  • Demonstrate organisational skills to prioritise workloads and respond to the changes of the working environments as required
  • Select and use the most appropriate chemical or biochemical cleaning product to be used for the task to be undertaken in accordance with the legal and organisational requirements and compliance with registration.
  • Safely use, store and maintain cleaning equipment, materials and products in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, legal and organisational requirements. Ensure their decontamination and safe preparation for next use.
  • Demonstrate good housekeeping practices within the storage area including a clean environment, stock rotation and control and reporting and recording as required.
  • Use standard reporting formats and appropriate media to accurately record and report work carried out in accordance with cleaning specifications.
  • Communicate with service users contributing to a positive service user experience maintaining confidentiality at all times.
  • Follow infection prevention and control policy and procedures to prevent cross-contamination risks and the spread of infection.
  • Recognise signs of pest infestation and work with partners to eradicate them.
  • Assemble and disassemble a significant range of healthcare service user equipment for cleaning purposes in line with manufacturers standard operating procedures and national standards 2019.
Course length
12 months

Healthcare Cleaning Operative Diploma Level 2

Target group
Domestic Support Staff

Application for this qualification is ascertained through supervision with your manager.