Hello, my name is Councillor Kevin Maton and I’m the Cabinet Member for Education at Coventry City Council.

 Firstly, most importantly of all Coventry city council has no plans now or for the future to close Dol Y Moch.  We have also wholly rejected the idea of privatising the service.  Dol Y Moch belongs to the people of Coventry and must continue to do so. Secondly Coventry's children will continue to be put first by Dol Y Moch and the wider Outdoor Education Service. as the centre is owned by the city it is only right that Coventry school children are prioritised. Generations of pupils in Coventry schools have enjoyed accessing outdoor education opportunities at the centre that would normally be far out of the reach of many families. This should never be put at risk. Thirdly, any net surplus that the Outdoor Education Service produces will be reinvested into the centre and to assist as many children as possible take advantage of the opportunity this service brings. Equally the education ethos at Dol Y Moch will absolutely be continued. The aim will be to maintain the number of staff that are actually teaching at the centre and continue our SEN provision with no disproportionate increase in prices for groups of children with disabilities. There can be no guarantees about the date for reopening of Plas Dol Y Moch as this depends on progress in tackling the current Covid pandemic and advice from amongst others our colleagues in Public Health. My ongoing aim is to expand outdoor education for Coventry's young people, making youth use of facilities in the city and the surrounding area. While this is not a service that local authorities are legally required to provide. I am proud that our city continues to protect opportunities of this kind. As we increase what we have on offer in and around Coventry


I want to ensure that Plas Dol Y Moch will not lose out in any way. Thank you.

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