Throughout the video various logos are on the bottom. These include Coventry City Council, Matrix, Education & Skills funding agency and West Midlands Combined Authority. The web address is also shown throughout.

Happy music plays throughout

The video begins with the words Coventry Adult Education Service which then transitions to make the acronym CAES with the text ‘Summer 2021. Art, Craft and Photography’.

It then transitions into someone putting their paintbrush into a paint pot which then transitions into a shot of someone’s hand painting a picture.

The next scene is off a woman standing at the front of a class presenting her art. It then moves into closeups of people ‘s hands as they draw. During these sections the following text appears at the side: ‘All CAES courses represent great quality and excellent value with reductions for holders of a Go CV+ card and for people over 60’

The footage then shows a close up of wool which is followed by a close -up of someone’s hands as they knit. It then transitions into close ups of jewellery. At the same time the following text scrolls up on the screen; ‘Classes include: Dressmaking, Watercolour painting, Knitting &Crochet, Needle Felting, Macrame, Sugar Craft, Fabric Crafts, Textile Design.’

The footage then shows a woman setting up a light on set as she gets set to film someone. A bubble then appears containing the text ‘So what’s YOUR next move? While that bubble remains onscreen the main image then transitions into a woman picking up papers. A few seconds after the main image changes the text in the bubble changes to ‘For more information and to enrol…’

The main footage then changes to an aerial shot of someone engaging in dress making. A few seconds after the main image changes the text in the bubble changes to ‘visit our website’ after a few seconds it then says, ‘or call us on 024 76975200’. In the meantime, the main image has changed to a blue background.

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