Anne: “Well I decided to join LFT when I heard about it. For me, it’s a little bit personal because I remember my son, last year September, just two days into school, he caught the virus and it was one month of hell, if you permit me to say that, because he was really really sick and when this opportunity came up I thought oh my god this is the best way to be able to give a little to the community and I thought if lateral flow was there as of last year and the schools were getting tested like they’re doing right now, he probably wouldn’t have caught Covid. But I’m grateful he is alive but not everyone is lucky because a lot of the people who are moving around is asymptomatic and they obviously don’t know that they are super spreaders. So, when this opportunity turned up, I thought I’m going to be part of this great initiative and ensure that people come in at least once a week to get tested. That way we can nip the virus in the bud and get people who are affected or super spreaders back into isolation. That way people can go about their normal life without the troubles. “

The video ends on a screen that says ‘To find out more about community testing in Coventry please visit’

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