Opens with a screen that says: ‘Recently, we visited the community testing facility at the Transport Museum to find out why people were getting Lateral Flow Test.

Screen then slides away and is replaced with ‘Here’s what they had to say!’

During this time footage of various people is played. There is no sound at this point bar some light music that plays throughout.

The video then transitions into the first person. The women being interviewed says “I got tested because I’m coming into the office today and I wanted to make sure that I was negative and that could reassure my colleagues as well that we were all safe”

The video then transitions into a second person, a man. He then says “Yeh I came for a test today as part of routine checks through my workplace. Every week I have to have a test.”

The video then transitions into a different man who is wearing a fluorescent jacket. He then says “ As a compulsory measure for work but as well as that to keep myself and as I say, colleagues safe.

The video then transitions into a woman who says “I think it’s really important for people to come and get tested. It’s allowing our world to open up again and for us to be able to get out and about”

The video ends on a screen that says ‘To find out more about community testing in Coventry please visit’

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