Look at this picture. Look closely.

Do you see what's missing? I thought this is what a family looked like.

I thought this must be how love felt. I thought I'd always feel hungry, afraid, alone.

But then I met Sam.

She's kind. She helped me understand that Mummy and Daddy are hurt too.

Lost, desperate, scared. She's helping us find our way and life is feeling a little better every day.
Sam's a social worker. She came to Coventry to help families and children just like me. She says a good job is a lot like a good family, where you're valued, supported and listened to and here she gets the best training,a clear way to progress and she can live the life she wants.
Coventry Children's Services are committed to building something special with children at the heart of everything they do and they're actively seeking new practitioners.
Look closely at this picture. Do you see what's missing?
It's you.

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Published date
14 April 2021