Cllr O’Boyle - Hello, I’m here again in the Precinct, Upper Precinct by the levelling stone. Of course, you know where it used to be, it was in front of Ernest Jones and of course the ramp. That’s all gone now. So, it’s going to be a real feature of the Upper Precinct. I’m here with Emma from Skillingtons, the specialist contractors who have been working on repairing and renewing the Levelling Stone. Tell us what you and Skillingtons have done Emma.

Emma – Well initially, earlier in the year we took up the inscription panel surrounding the levelling stone. We took it back to our workshop and repaired the stones that had cracked. We’ve then come back to site and we repaired the actual levelling stone itself, the big slates. We’ve managed to prop back up the corner that had dropped and we’re now repairing the foundations and putting in a pad to then accept the inscription panel back in.

Cllr O’Boyle – That’s really, really fantastic and of course this is the perimeter stone just here. You’ll get a shot of that later. This is going to be surrounded by very grey, slate-type slabs that will really give it a great setting. You’ll be able to see it. Again, like a lot of the things we’ve done, Emma and her team have been working also on the White Lion Mosaic. They’ve got a good track record in working with historical artefacts like this and buildings, not here, just here in Coventry but across the country and again what is it I say at the end of these videos. Again, a great example. The best of the old with the best of the new.

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