Hello I’m Cllr Jim O’Boyle. I’m just here today just to talk to you a little bit about Clean Air Day and what Coventry is doing to mark the day. You will know in Coventry that we’re engaged in a journey of turning our transport technology green. We’re the first city in the country to have an all-electric bus fleet which will happen in 2025. We are in the process of building now the first route for a Very Light Rail scheme that will be all electric. We’ve got electric taxis and of course we’re the location as well for the UK Battery Industrialisation Centre which is going to be the place that is going to build  the batteries of the future and of course to build the batteries of the future you need a factory. So we want also to locate a Gigafactory here. Green technology, not just at the end point but also generating green energy as well.

So, we’re really excited to mark this particular day. Coventry just doesn’t want to talk about clean air. Just doesn’t want to talk about a green future. We’re actually doing something about it. Of course, green technology presents an opportunity. An opportunity to create the green jobs of the future and Coventry’s at the heart of the green industrial revolution and that is really the key point that is driving us here. Green jobs for the future, green energy for our residents and a green future for the planet.

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