The Hospital Education Service is team of teachers and other education support staff who provide education for school age children who are unable to attend their usual school temporarily due to accident or illness. Their illnesses could be mental or physical.

We have knowledge and experience with:

  • The need for children and young people to remain in education, even if they are in hospital or have an illness
  • The ways that medical conditions affect learning and development.
  • The ways that missing school for long periods of time can affect a child or young person’s capacity for reaching their potential.

We work with children, teachers, parents/carers, medical staff and other agencies to promote the development and learning of children aged 4 -16 years.

We work directly with children and young people who have difficulties with things like:

  • Attending their usual school following hospitalisation or long term illness
  • Reaching their full potential because of time missed at their usual school due to various medical conditions
  • Re-integrating successfully back into their usual school