Preparing for adulthood from the earliest years - Post-16 Education, Training, Apprenticeships and Employment

It is important for all young people to prepare for adulthood and employment. This is especially important for young people with special educational needs. Preparation for the move from school should start early and must have started by the time a young person is 14 (during year 9).

The views and aspirations of the young person are very important in this process. A young person's ideas and aspirations should be a central part of the transition review that happens in Year 9.

Staff who should be involved to support in the transition can include:

  • Teachers
  • Careers Advisers
  • Local authority staff
  • Health professionals (GP, therapists, voluntary workers e.g. Grapevine and colleges.)

An action plan will be drawn up with the focus on the young person's aspirations and what they want for their future. The action plan will focus on the skills and preparation a young person will need to get the job they would. The action plan will also focus on independent living skills.

For young people with complex needs, a range of professionals will be involved and may also include health and social care.

CWPT’s Health services are being restructured to enable smoother transitions for young people transitioning to adult services, where these are commissioned.