Galati, Romania
Year of twinning
About the town or city
Galati is located near to the world renowned Danube Delta in Romania and has a population of about 330,000. This link with Coventry was established in 1962.
In 1962 a Minister from the Romanian Legation in London visited Coventry to meet the lord mayor and see the post-war development of the city. During the visit the possibility of finding a twin in Romania was discussed and the Minister assigned staff at the legation the task of finding a Romanian twin for Coventry. The city decided upon was Galati.

Galati is Romania's largest inland port and is situated approximately 80 miles from the sea on the river Danube.

During the 1960s the city and surrounding countryside were in the forefront of development in Romania, with the greatest volume of industrial investment in the whole of the country taking place here. In a relatively short period of time there were rapid developments in the ferrous metallurgy, power and thermal energy, machine building, metal processing building material, textile and food industries.

The surrounding countryside provides rich harvests in cereals, vegetables and fruit. In recent years the wine industry has become established and the wines from the region have gained in international recognition.

In addition to the industrial heart of the city new residential areas have been built and now successfully blend with the city historic past. Educational facilities include the University of Galati and the Pedagogic Institute.
Distance from Coventry
1409 miles
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