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Granby is located in the Canadian province of Quebec. This twin city link was established in 1963.
The twinning link with Granby (and Windsor) came in a proposal from the Canadian Federation of Mayors and Municipalities. A letter suggested a town twinning between each of the towns (Granby, Windsor, Saint-Etienne and Coventry). The twinning of the four towns took place in Coventry in June 1963.

Granby is a busy town located in the province of Quebec. Founded in 1842 as a mission the first settlers began to arrive around 1855. Today Granby is a flourishing manufacturing city. It produces textiles, rubber goods, confectionery, chemicals, wood, furniture and tobacco.

Granby is known as a great holiday centre, being surrounded by picturesque countryside. The zoological gardens are one of the outstanding attractions and there are more than 300 species of animal to be seen. The Automobile Museum is another major attraction and the city also has an extensive collection of fountains, brought from all over Europe. Nearby resorts offer excellent fishing, skiing and canoeing.

All local news events are reported in the local newspaper, La Voix de l'Est. In more recent news, a local referendum was held in 2007, when the citizens of Granby and Granby Township approved a merger of both areas.
Distance from Coventry
3393 miles
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