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Windsor is the southern most city in the Canadian province of Ontario.
The twinning link with Windsor (and Granby) came in a proposal from the Canadian Federation of Mayors and Municipalities. A letter suggested a town twinning between each of the towns (Granby, Windsor, Saint-Etienne and Coventry). The twinning of the four towns took place in Coventry in June 1963.

Windsor, a port of entry on the United States-Canada Border, is connected to Detroit, Michigan, by bridge and tunnel. The city is an industrial and distribution centre situated in a rich agricultural region. A base for US automobile companies from the beginning of the 20th century, Windsor remains a major centre of auto industry employment and manufacture. Other major manufactured goods include metal products, machinery, pharmaceuticals, processed food, and printed materials.

The University of Windsor, the Hiram Walker Historical Museum, and the Art Gallery of Windsor are located in the city. Windsor's economic and geographic relationship to Detroit is celebrated with an annual week-long international festival. The community, settled in 1701, was renamed in 1836 after Windsor, England.

There are a number of sports teams within Windsor, with some of them playing over the US border, in Detroit. The kinds of sport played include ice hockey, lacrosse, football, rugby and athletics. Some of the teams include the Windsor Spitfires (Ontario Hockey League -, Windsor Border Stars (Canadian Soccer League - and the Windsor Lancers (Canadian Interuniversity Sport -

It is interesting to note that within Windsor's Reaume Park, the Coventry Gardens can be found. Every Summer, Windsor co-hosts a fortnight-long freedom festival with Detroit, called the Windsor-Detroit Freedom Festival, which culminates in the respective Canada Day and American Independence Day holidays. One of Windsor's most famous citizens is the Country singer, Shania Twain.
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