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Restriction Times
Restrictions applying during Arena Events
CBS Arena Events
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024 7683 4367
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Virtual Permits
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How to register for Visitor Vouchers
Visitor Vouchers are like digital ’scratch cards’ and last for 1 day only. They can be pre-set for a specific date.
They are available via your online account.
You will need either a valid Resident's Permit or a Visitor Account (not both) to purchase Visitor Vouchers.
How to use Visitor Vouchers
The vouchers run from 00:00am to 23:59pm on the day.
You can use more than 1 voucher if you have a visitor staying overnight or for more than a day.
You can have a maximum of 3 daily Visitor Vouchers at the same time.
When a voucher has expired you can replace it the following day.
Submit Permit Proof

If you are unable to upload the required documents, please send a copy as proof of Address and Vehicle Registration to

Maximum No of Residents Permits Allowed
No of Visitor Vouchers Allowed
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