Exploring Materials and Shelter Building
Programme Overview
This programme will enable pupils to get a first hand understanding of the world around them through an interactive activity. Pupils are given the opportunity to show their understanding of the differences and similarities of our own homes and those of animals by looking at the materials used. Pupils will understand that all living things need to have shelter and warmth to survive.

Working in teams, pupils are given the opportunity to build a one person shelter out of natural materials. Pupils then assess their own work and that of their peers, will be encouraged to think about how they could develop their ideas and what improvements that could be made next time.

This programme can be extended to look at the different properties of the woods and plants, looking at how we used to use these materials through history. This would explore the use of trees for gun powder, longbows and arrows as well as a few medicinal uses.

This programme can be adapted to cover Myths and Legends by using the theme of Robin Hood, where the children are asked to make their shelters for hideouts for Robin and his merry men.
Learning Objectives and Aims
• To be able to distinguish between natural and manmade materials
• To be able to identify the suitability of materials for their function
• To be aware of the need to protect animal homes and habitats
• To be able to work together as a team.
• To be able to build a one person survival shelter out of natural materials.
Available for:
KS2, all year round.
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