The River Study
Programme Overview
Through hands on activities, pupils are given the opportunity to learn and gain knowledge about river systems and features. They will investigate the river on site through a variety of activities, including measuring the depth and width, testing the flow rate and sampling the fresh water invertebrate life that can be found with the park.
Learning Objectives and Aims
• Have an understanding of appropriate geographical vocabulary relating to rivers and river systems.
• Be able to identify key river features
• Have an understanding of River processes e.g. erosion and deposition
• Have an understanding of human use / influences on river systems e.g. pollution
• Be able to annotate a simple map
• To use field work skills to measure flow rate depth and width
• To make links between life processes in familiar animals and plants and the environments in which they are found.
• To be able to use identification keys
Available for:
KS2 all year.
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