Gabrielle Borro
Course details

To explore how we can meet carers needs effectively within Coventry.

This training will provide a refresher and overview for practitioners working with informal carers.  This is a chance to refresh knowledge, find out about new services and processes and explore what wider support is available for carers.  It is also a chance for practitioners to share good practice, what has worked well and what we’d like to develop for Carers. 

Course length
2 hrs
Knowledge and Skills Framework
The role of social workers working with adults (2) Person-centred practice (3) Effective assessments and outcome based support planning (6) Organisational context (9) Professional Ethics and Leadership (10)
Professional Capability Framework
RIGHTS, JUSTICE AND ECONOMIC WELLBEING - Advance human rights and promote social justice and economic wellbeing (4) KNOWLEDGE – Develop and apply relevant knowledge from social work practice and research, social sciences, law, other professional and relevant fields, and from the experience of people who use services (5)
Target group
Social Workers, Occupational Therapists, Social care Professionals, CPNS.

This training will be available soon via a Utube video link