Rhona Forde, Headteacher at Earlsdon School: Today we have welcomed the right honourable minister from Zambia to our school because we're part of the Commonwealth Connections Programme.

Lord Mayor of Coventry, Cllr Kevin Maton: Today has been both celebrating the connection between Earlsdon School and other schools in Coventry with schools in Zambia. I think they've learned a lot about from talking to their partner schools in Zambia about dance singing and we're about to find out about food as well. 

Douglas Siakalima, Minister of Education in Zambia: Currently they are schools which are linked with Zambian schools, if you like, a sharing cultural exchanges in that way. I've just come and seen the kids, they were quite an interesting a group who sang their songs in in our local language from Zambia which means that this is encouraging cultural diversity. We are living in a global world that distance doesn't separate any one of us we are in the same community. 

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