it's the uh school nursing offer conscious school nursing offer through marie kennedy so good to meet see you Anne Marie hi there's a few hi so I'm Marie Kennedy one of the clinical leads in coventry school nursing um and I just wanted to tell you a little bit about what we've got on offer for schools next slide please so we currently offer online health questionnaires for reception children which the parents fill in the year 6 online health questionnaire in the year 9 which the young people fill in themselves which has been really useful um over the last few months getting the voice of the child um from the questionnaires themselves and being able to meet them if they've got any safeguarding concerns um on an early identification of any uh mental health support that is needed um is given out in a care plan and we support schools with um health care plans if there is any difficulties between school and parents we can be a mediator to make sure that those care plans are in place for the children to keep them safe in school we carry out the heights and weights for reception in year six children we also do hearing screening for reception children um we don't do it like we normally did in in that we did a blanket approach across every single primary school we now offer appointments where parents can bring their children if they've got any concerns so if you as a teacher have got any concerns if you highlight that to the parent and get them to call up and make an appointment to get that child's hearing screen but that's for reception children only we do health promotion sessions and we're doing them online and face to face we've had a number of really positive experiences around going into schools to do mindfulness relaxation sessions whether that be whole school approach or whether it be um one-to-one with one of our support workers um we did a session the other day for primary schools and we have we had 127 children on that on that call um so that was really really fantastic that schools are a logging on and and get getting that information and the support for the children we've been doing uh parents evening uh so any any children that are coming into school schools have been carrying out parents evenings to um advise of what what what the next stages are for their children and part of that is that the health visitors will start working with those children and they'll be transferred to school nurses and we give them information about how they can contact us and we've got two websites we've got health for kids which is for children up to year six and then we've got health for teens as well which has got lots of information for children and young people um the healthy kids website has also got a parent's part to it so if parents want to go on there and find information around toileting and things like that we've got lots of lots of information and links on there for parents as well we're going to secondary schools and we've been doing drop-ins and referral clinics within the secondary schools they've been really successful and i would probably say 80 of the referrals that we've received are about emotional health and well-being um so you know at least we're in the school getting that support to those young people and signposting them or referring them on for further support if needed we've got our chat health texting service for 11 to 18 year olds so young people can text us and ask for health advice whether it's anonymous or whether they want to meet us face to face um in school that's absolutely fine and then we've also got the chat health texting service for parents um who can just text in and ask any questions that they've got and whether that would just be a quick quick a quick ass question and then a quick answer or whether that turns into then a visit to see them and the child um we also offer a smoking cessation to under 18 year olds um and we also deliver online medical awareness training for teaching staff um across the city throughout the year so we put sessions on so that staff will be able to get that update awareness training um throughout the year at times that are beneficial to the school um to attend um so that's just a quick snapshot of what we deliver and if you've got any questions please don't hesitate to email me or give me a ring and see how we can support you in school.

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