So if we move on to the next section we've got the early help and family hubs offer which we've got Barty and Joel here so over to you both thank you hello thank you all and welcome so Joel and I are going to be talking about the early help family hubs um and basically, we'll give you a real quick tour of it and if there is like any questions or anything you want to ask us you could email us if you wish to next slide please.

Okay so the aims and objectives obviously for early help and at this point we would really like to get some um clarity on what early help is so early help is everybody who's sitting on the call today and family hubs is part of early help often people refer to early help as a family Hub so it's great to just have that clarity at the beginning and we're going to go through lots of different things with you after what the hubs are able to offer next slide please.

Right so there's eight family hubs across the city and we're collated into areas to fit in with all the demographic uh areas of social I mean of children's services so I what we've done uh Joel and I is we've put in uh where all the hubs are and the team leaders and their contact numbers so yeah it'd be great if you could find out that your local Hub is and have a little visit what we do encourage with the hubs is that you don't have to remain in the hub area that you live in families can visit or access any Hub they wish throughout the city next slide please so basically what we do is we help um anybody who's got that need um an early help is about when the you know the earliest kind of worry emerges so we do things like group work we also support with any domestic abuse work and basically we do have lots of like family work we do so that would Encompass all of those things which are written down there one of the our main um areas of work is supporting families outcomes because we have to meet those criterias to ensure we get um payment by result which is really important and in the hubs we have lots of other partners joining us um to deliver the services which Coventry needs like the school nurse in health visiting Midwifery learning and education and so forth next slide please.

So obviously like I've mentioned before it's not about when a child is born it's about any time when a family needs our help we are there to support them in whatever way we can next slide please.

Okay so we've got lots of Community Partners like the way we've just discussed so in the family hubs we've got Hub workers assessment coordinator partnership coordinators and youth workers and one of the real positives is that we actually have a um police Community safety officers in our teams and they are a real breath of like um kind of commitment to the area as well and across the city they have different skills but if anybody needs access to a PCS so you know phone one of your local family hubs and you will get the support that you need we have other partners who come into the hubs to offer services which are listed below and it's really important that we all work together to support these families next slide please and then what we do do is we have family matters that is where everybody you know comes together with their best thinking to support families where request the service has come in so we could get across the service from Mash or we could get it from schools Health the families themselves and it's really important that these the families get the best support they want and need in a timely manner if anybody would like to observe a family matters please feel free to observe and we can slot you in into any of the Family Matters meetings I can hand over to Joe thanks party uh so one of the things that we've got um available uh to people is an early help Gateway which is a SharePoint site that's kind of a collection of resources that both designed to support you in um your delivery of of early Help Services towards the families and children that you'll be working with but also to support your access to those services within the family hubs as well so there's a number of different resources in there that we we would encourage you to link in with your um the ehack for your school um to get access to those resources and have a browse through because there's a lot of helpful uh information that's available and too much to go through uh today in detail but um if we go to the next slide please uh one of the resources that's in there is the called the Trello board which is kind of a virtual Rolodex of services that are available in commentary so it like with all of these things is potentially so huge that it's it it's um it doesn't cover everything extensively and exhaustively but there you'll find broken down into different categories of need different index cards that kind of give you information about services that are available and the way to refer into or access those services so that's one of the useful things that's available in the Gateway if you do incidentally if you do spot um emissions from that or if you're aware of services that are available that aren't included in that um on that Trello board then please again through your through your ehack if you make make contact and bring those services to our attention we can get those added in because the more people are adding an updating on that than the better nope that's great please yeah move on there Richard thank you for shuffling that was like a little gentle Shepherd's crook that was wasn't it just like nudging me along um so with all of the family hubs have got uh their own individual Facebook page um we are aware that Facebook in terms of um social media platform for younger people is is a wee bit outdated however there is we would encourage you as partner agencies um and other people who are sort of interested in early help delivery across the city to kind of like and share our pages it's got all sorts of information on there again about how you can contact us how you can refer into us and we are currently um looking in quite close detail that are kind of extended digital offer in relation to the family Hub so there'll be more to come on that uh shortly next slide please Richard okay so I'm not going to read through these but here's some uh basic contact information that will be shared on the slides that will go around to you that's got got information about how you can contact the mouse shake and contact the family hubs the emergency Duty team for out of hours concerns that you might have and also draw your attention specifically to the early help email address there so if you're if you have a query or if you have um a question and you you don't have you don't know who specifically you want to raise that question with please use that early help inbox and and that that that your query your email will then be kind of disseminated out to the most relevant person that will then come back to you and respond uh next slide please so again some more useful links that help to provide some context to what early help is how it works in Coventry Who's involved in it and how we can work together to basically as party was saying at the beginning there to intervene as early as possible in a child's life in order to prevent um problems from escalating and um getting worse next slide please okay so yeah just a reiteration of the message that that safeguarding is everybody's business but also similarly early help is everybody's business and we're really trying to kind of push that message of the early help isn't about a department or a particular service it's about the collective effort and Coventry that involves all sorts of community organisations charitable organisations different services and partners like all of those who are here today that can get involved in children's lives to help improve outcomes for them basically next slide do we have time Richard to play the short video it's just a quick overview of the of life and the family hubs oh what's that there I'll go there um

then the link for that video will go out with the slide so you can watch it separately but if you think we've got time then we've probably got time let me try and see if it'll work anyway

can you hear that

hey I'm Amber I work at Pathways family Hub there are eight different hubs across the city we help families that need a little bit of extra support and guidance should we go have a look. Welcome to our family room we have similar rooms across all the different family hubs where we all deliver group sessions it's a lovely place for communities and families to get involved and learn about the family hubs and what we have to offer family hubs plan and deliver groups and activities for our local community some are targeted towards a specific need in the community and others are available for anyone to join these include stay and play for little ones youth groups for teenagers parenting courses and seasonal special events there are also groups and support available from our partners including Health visitors and Midwifery adult education housing and police.

One of the crucial things that we deliver is direct work with families on a one-to-one basis so we go out to the family home I'm actually about to go out on a visit now if you'd like to come and see

Our one-to-one work with families involves meeting with the family to discuss their needs completing an assessment and working with the family to devise a plan which will help to bring about the changes they want to see we always keep the child or young person's views at the centre of what

After we've been out on a home visit or we've had an interaction with Children and Families it's crucial that we update our system so the families and children's have a record of the work and progression that they've made if you meet a family who you feel may need a little extra help and you're not sure what to do get in touch with your local family Hub our here to help service will be able to offer you advice and guidance about the best way to support families before problems begin to escalate we'll support you to think about what's working well what we're worried about and what needs to happen I hope this tour has given you a bit more information and knowledge on what the family hubs can offer to the families that you're working with looking forward to working with you in the future and I'll see you soon brilliant thanks everyone that's it for the family hubs part of the presentation if anyone's got any questions and they want to pop them in their chat we'll uh we'll we'll get back to you in two course thanks everyone thank you thank you Joel and Barty that's really helpful

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