My employment journey was quite difficult I after university if I struggled with unemployment for quite a while I didn't really know what I wanted to do and I was getting a lot of rejections which you know impacted my self-confidence. When I came to the job shop they helped me you know with that motivation and confidence and also improving how I was applying for jobs and I think it was actually the first job that I applied to with the Job Shop's help that I actually received an offer for. After I finished school I didn't know where to go I didn't I've never had a job so I didn't know what I needed to do to get a job. So I came to the job shop a few times. I received support with writing my CV. I received support with sort of general motivation and you know feeling confident in my abilities. I think that perhaps the most important support that I received you know it was critical to me actually getting a job in the end was finding a job that I wanted to apply for and then sitting down with a job coach and going through the job description and finding how my skills matched up to each point on the job description. I came to the job shop to build my confidence make my new CV and to get them my first ever job. I would absolutely recommend the job shop to a friend. I think the work that they do is invaluable. Even if you know you think maybe you know what you're looking for they might just have that different perspective on it if you've got people here with years and years of experience. I would recommend the job shop to a friend because it's really helped me with my confidence and it could help other people with their confidence and their CVs and help them find a job like the job shop helped me find a job.

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