Hello, I’m Councillor Jim O’Boyle. I’m in a really interesting and exciting place today. I’m here with my colleague, Councillor David Welsh, the cabinet member for all things culture in the city. David, we’re in the original medieval kitchen in the heart of St Mary’s Guildhall. It’s now finished, nearly ready for opening. It’s pretty spectacular isn’t it?

Cllr Welsh: It’s really amazing. This hasn’t been seen for years and years, and now it’s here for us to see. It’s Coventry’s history, it has been hidden for so long and it’s now here for people to visit.

Cllr O’Boyle: You can see these brilliant fireplaces where people would have been doing their cooking and it’s the only place like this anywhere in England.

This is completely unique, isn’t it?

Cllr Welsh: It is unique, yes. There’s not many places where you get to see it just like this.

Cllr O’Boyle: And do you know what? We didn’t even know this was here when this work started. This work that we’re doing to refurb St Mary’s Guildhall. All will be ready, I am told by the builders, builder’s warning though, 31 March. Let’s see if they hold to that. We’ll make sure do what we can to make sure that they do, and when it’s open and ready, I want you to come and have a look because this is going to be a great go-to destination. Coventry’s best-known secret is going to become one of Coventry’s best visited venues. Historic. Cultural. Really really exciting for Coventry.

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