Well, here I am at Pool Meadow. Why am I here? I’m here because behind me is an electric bus but this isn't just any ordinary electric bus. This is one of 130 electric buses National Express have just ordered. This is adding to the 10 that they're running around the city at the moment and it's part of their commitment for their fleet to be all-electric which of course is part of our wider commitment for all of our bus fleet to be all-electric by 2025 this is a real statement of intent from national express and shows that Coventry is on the way to making all of their bus fleet completely electric and it's about being clean, it's about being green, it's about reducing our carbon footprint and we say we want to be carbon neutral in as short a time as possible. This is real evidence of our commitment towards that aim so 130 electric buses on the road by this time next year really good news for Coventry, really good news for the planet.

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Published date
19 January 2022