Coventry, the city of innovation, the home of Britain’s motoring industry is now on a journey to lead the green industrial revolution creating the zero-carbon transport of the future. Our vision is for a safe sustainable and reliable zero-carbon transport system accessible to all. a transport network allowing our residents, visitors and businesses to thrive. As a city and a region, we're committed to achieve net zero and with your help, we can make this happen. In Coventry, we are reimagining our transport system gearing up for the new state-of-the-art modes of transport to take us where we need to be. The midlands is now the home of the green industrial revolution applying the very best technology to deliver environmental, social and economic benefits ensuring no one is left behind. Part of Coventry’s response is reimagining our city's transport system with decarbonisation at its heart and providing people with better access and mobility in the city. Delivering a variety of innovative forms of clean transport many of which are the first of their kind in the UK and worldwide. Our pioneering research at the UK battery industrialization centre seeks to develop battery technologies for electrification of vehicles, industrial appliances and so much more, helping to build an entirely new UK supply chain and growing the economy. The possibilities are endless with our new plans to develop a Gigafactory providing the source of power for the vehicles of the future, revolutionizing car production and securing our place as a world-leading car manufacturer. Our Coventry very light rail zero-emission rail program offers a more affordable design that could revolutionize public transport. We're also developing on-the-move charging, installing large-scale EV charging hubs testing the development and use of autonomous vehicles and we're supporting initiatives for more flexible modes of travel like shared e-car clubs, public bicycles and e-scooters because of these cutting-edge transport schemes Coventry will become greener, healthier and more active providing with flexible and sustainable travel options for all our citizens. The race to net zero has started we need you to take part and help us tackle climate change and make a difference together. Coventry.


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15 November 2021