Today's the start of the Go Parks active schools challenge two. It's the City of Culture special, got 55 locations this time I’ve just scanned my first one.

We're really excited about the Go Parks active schools challenge and especially loving the new locations such as the Cathedral, Lunt Roman Fort and the Canal Basin.

We're really pleased to be supporting the Go Parks active school challenge as we do the City of Culture version.

Welcome to week two of the Go Parks challenge. It's English week I’m Andy and I’m Education Lead for Coventry City of Culture.

We are now at the halfway point we've seen so many families all over the city enjoying and visiting our parks and our cultural venues.

This week is Coventry week and we want you to get creative with your writing and write down as many facts about Coventry’s history as you can.

Really great scheme I’m really pleased to say that as well as parks and the venues we're now including cultural and heritage venues as well.

Welcome to week four of the Go Parks active schools challenge. This week it's half term and with schools out we want you to fully embrace exploring outdoor spaces and cultural venues across Coventry and to keep scanning those codes.

We have less than a week to go and it finishes on Sunday enjoy the school's activities this week including the roller disco that we have in the city centre.

Make the most this week half term week get out and scan those codes and get points for our team.

Today's the last day of Go Parks challenge and I’m really going to miss it until next time

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Published date
11 November 2021