Cllr O’Boyle -Hello I’m here with Ian Harrabin who is the chairman of Historic Coventry Trust. We're here in Lychgate Cottages in Priory road and we're here to have a look at these wonderful buildings that Ian has overseen refurbished for tourists. Tell us about them Ian.

Ian Harrabin - These are Jim some of the oldest buildings in the city, dating from 1415 and actually built right next door to Lady Godiva’s original cathedral. The ruins are just outside the window here. So ancient buildings and we've totally refurbished them as top end visitor accommodation. Whole idea is to get visitors from all over the country and around the world to actually come and stay in the centre of the city and eat in our bars and restaurants and go out to the shops

Cllr O’Boyle- And we literally are right in the heart of the city. I understand these are going to be ready for tourists and visitors to come very very soon.

 Ian Harrabin - yeah, the first date we're hoping to have people in is 22nd of October and the buildings are being managed by Coombe Abbey so they'll be available to hire both through Coombe Abbey and from Historic Coventry website.

Cllr O’Boyle -  Great real quality operator well look this is really exciting this is opening very soon remember these buildings were going to a bit of rack and ruin previously we've now opened them up transferred them to historic Coventry trust that's why we've done it they're now open for business very soon a completely unique visitor accommodation for Coventry. Best of the old with the best of new. A great example of that saying.

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October 2021