Right hello everybody I’m here again in upper precinct what is behind me remember the old British Home Stores store that has been closed now for five years since 2016. Well look I’ve got some really exciting news for Coventry remember when we said that we needed to do something to the frontage of the store get rid of the canopy because new retailers were very keen to have double heighted frontages why we're doing all this work in our precincts to improve the uh area in order to attract new retailers and outlets in business well today I can announce that the Fraser group have bought this building and are bringing some of their great brands to Coventry. USC a fashionable retailer we've also got Evan Cycles some gaming stores here as well this is really really good news for Coventry it's bringing jobs it's bringing good shots everyone keeps telling me Coventry needs good shots that is what we are announcing today so this store is reopening the Fraser group are coming to Coventry this is excellent news great for Coventry

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May 2021