Tom - so I’m Tom I work at Bean and Leaf the coffee house just down the way on Hertford street I walk down here every morning so I think it's lovely it has a lot of vibrancy and especially how the plants are there as well it's nice bit of greenery in the city centre and yeah it's just a nice injection of colour love it

Helen - well my name's Helen Bradford and I live in stoke green and this is just it's so beautiful I did see it online and thought no I have to come and see it in person and it's really brightened up this area I absolutely love it and the foliage that's actually real and it's just so beautiful

Mick My name is mick Howarth I’m from Holbrook’s in Coventry and I’m walking through Hertford street and I’m just looking at this place it's absolutely beautiful it's really bright and cheerful and it's cheered me day up the rain stopped as well

Davina and Esme - So my name is Davina and I come from Canley um I’m Esme um I come from Warwick but I often come to Coventry for the day out um I think it's beautiful I think it's an amazing thing that she's done it's so wonderful to have so much colour implanted into like you know such a dull place so like I think that the colour is just beautiful and it's so vibrant and the flowers are gorgeous so very nice yeah I just think like um like a street that might be overlooked usually I think it's nice that you know you put a bit of life into it I think it's nice like um just to be able to walk around the city and just admire like how it's like kind of coming together a bit more really it's quite nice

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Published date
May 2021