Cllr Welsh hi I’m councillor David welsh and I’m cabinet member for housing and communities and I’m here with council Jim O'Boyle cabinet member for jobs and regeneration and Patricia Hetherton who is cabinet member for city services and we're here in Hertford street today just to have a look at the finished work uh here in the street so Patricia we've worked together on this and I just want you to talk a little bit about how we've brought public art together with public realm to achieve this yeah

Cllr Hetherton - thank you David yes we did a clean up here and then we made it ready for uh the design that Morag Myerscough has done and you can see the finished result obviously you're involved because of the art and the public realm and also we finish off with the lovely green foliage they are real they are not plastic and they just really enhance the area and it seems that the public are loving this.

Cllr Welsh - Thanks Patricia public art's so important and integrating public realm it's uh it's really great. Jim do you want to just talk a little bit about the importance of schemes like this for regeneration in the city.

Cllr O’Boyle I think everyone can see just what a wonderful part of the city this is now this is a very run down really arcade type street really Hertford street one of our most historic parts of the city as well now it's starting to come to life again this is in place of getting ready for city culture as my colleagues have said but also city centre south this will be completely renovated in a few years’ time and this is really important to show just how important Hertford street is for the wider city centre generally that's it

Cllr Welsh - Thanks Jim I think it really does show that people are looking up instead of just walking through enjoying the space it's here for people in Coventry and it's here to welcome visitors to

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Published date
May 2021