hello I’m here with my colleagues today councillor Patricia Hetherton hello Patricia and councillor David welsh the cabinet member for housing and communities and also most importantly art he wants to talk about the art in stations here today but I’m also with Patricia about the public realm some of the fantastic things that are making up are rejuvenated Patricia

Cllr Hetherton - thank you Jim here we are today looking at the testing of the fountains in the upper printing this is the public realm work that has been done it's making a complete difference to this area not only with the fountains but with the green uh planting that's gone on and you know the whole area is changing and I’m sure that people will love this as much as they do the fountains in the ball yard.

Cllr O’Boyle - Thank you, Pat. David tell us a little bit, about the art installations here in upper precinct today.

Cllr Welsh -  well this is a great example of how public realm meets local art as part of this installation we're going to have a poem by a local country poet that runs through the rails we'll come into this and then run through the rest of the precinct I’m really encouraged by the work I think it looks fantastic and I can't wait to see it finished

Cllr O’Boyle - Thank you David well look myself and Patricia having a quick look around today really starting to take shape art engineering public realm all coming together to make Coventry one of the best places to come shop and enjoy anywhere in the country

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May 2021