This is going to be a two-minute video about young foundations what young foundations does and I’m going to try and give you three reasons why you might want to consider a career with young foundations. So young foundations is about 17 years old it's an organization that helps young people who usually have spent some time in hospital under the mental health app so it's young people who've had significant issues of mental health, spent some time in hospital, are ready to leave hospital but were not ready to live in the community unsupported so they come and spend some time in a young foundation service where we have clinicians and residential support workers who help the young people to reach a point of mental health such that they can either go home or perhaps to foster care or perhaps move on into independence.

As such we employ residential support workers who are the people who look after the children 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We also employ teaching assistants teachers and some other roles and here's the three reasons why I think you ought to think about young foundations as a career. The first one is our work's meaningful, our young people need our help and you are connected every day with the reason why you're coming to work the young people need our help and when they move on successfully, and often they do, you can feel good about that you can feel like that your work has been significant and you've contributed to somebody having a better future. Reason number two, reason number two is as an organization we're very orientated to the development of our people. It's possible to join young foundations study for an NVQ level four or level five, go on to do a foundation degree and this year we had our first group of graduates so working in young foundations is a is a realistic alternative to going to university. Reason number three is career-wise it's possible to develop and move forward in young foundations we have a number of people who join the organization in quite junior roles and who now have director in the title, or manager in the title, so if you're interested in moving forward in your career again it's an organization that's very dynamic, it's growing and it's a good place to be if you want to move forward and those are the three reasons why I think you should consider young foundations as a career choice.

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Published date
12 July 2021