Hi everyone do you remember just recently we read a story it was called Fergal in a fix and it had a little orange dragon in it called Fergal well today we thought we'd do a special craft session and we make our own Fergal the dragon out of a milk carton so let's have a go.

So to start making our Fergal dragon we need to make some changes to our milk cartons so first of all we need to cut away the handle and is a little bit fiddly and dangerous to do so you will need an adult to help you with this bit once you've got your handle off you can take away the wrapper now it's all ready to decorate so we need to cut up some orange squares of paper and once we've got all of our squares cut out then we're ready to think about starting glueing the squares onto the container.

So now we've got all our containers covered over this part's going to be his head and this is going to be Fergal's body so now we need to start drawing out some eyes and Fergal will need a couple of nostrils as well and once we've got those cut out then we can glue them onto Fergal's body.

So now he's starting to look a little bit more like Fergal.

So now we need to think about adding a tail to the back of Fergal's body and some wings so first of all we need to cut out a nice tail and once we've got that cut out we need to draw a line and just snip along the line to make two flaps so that we can stick Fergal's tail to his body.

And then we need to draw out two nice wings for Fergal and get those cut out as well.

So now we can glue our tail onto the back.

And we can glue our wings on.

And the last thing we need to do is just get an adult to make a hole in the bottom of the carton so we can push our pencil through and that's Fergal done so I hope you enjoyed it and we'll see you again soon bye bye now.

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Published date
23 October 2020