Hi everyone I'm Sharon and the health and well-being champion at Valley House we have been working on the thrive at work bronze award for a while and with the support from Jenny Duggan and the employers at Valley House we were able to achieve it without any issues. The bronze level is more about providing information and raising awareness about health and well well-being for staff. We managed to do this by providing dedicated health and well-being information boards providing information via emails and newsletters and our monthly newsletters they were we have implemented new policies and procedures and to focus on staff's health and well-being and we have included separate sections on their pdr notes and team meetings to give them a chance to openly talk about any issues about their well-being but also for them to provide any ideas on how we can improve on our health as an organization. We introduced free fruit Fridays to encourage staff to have their five-a-day intake, we had carried out some relaxation sessions for stuff to come and unwind, we had some physical activities take place as healthy challenges not only to raise awareness for as an organization but also for staff to improve their physical health and these activities with swimathon and bikeathon. We have also managed to gain um close contacts with our local gym and to achieve corporate rates for staff to join at friends rates and giving them a booster to join and to work on improving their physical health I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff at Valley House for taking part um because without them wouldn't be able to achieve this award but also to thank thrive at work for being on the other end of the phone for when I needed them we are now working towards our civil award and we hope to achieve great things from it thank you.

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Published date
23 October 2020