I'm Carla's cycle UK I'm a PhD student and we're here the allotment a community allotments at the University of Warwick fresh air and to have some time usually by myself because I sent to come a weekend some business students for the weekend and I really love is just a piece of mind and mental health really sometimes I feel like okay I need to go to deal of men and look at some plans spoke with live and I'll Sylvester and i feei friend that has had a huge impact on my life but also around me and I do come here with my boyfriend what's my husband and because this is a community garden we share the whole works you come when you want you do all your fancy and I'm not sick anyways it some kale that has managed the winter and it's looking a bit sorry free stuff I think this is Cecilia Oh in Crescent strawberry usually that we don't have as many sell fruits because we just need the mole on the spot baytree here reminds me of my childhood and hear this and more flowers and the rest of the bed is actually wildflowers of pollination it has actually changed the hallway I eat the whole way I I relate to other people because it's a very sociable place which the community garden so we end up sometimes having too many seedlings so you give them around two friends feel interesting out there with people from different countries who want to grow different things and they'll grow them in different ways and for different uses I really really don't consider myself an activist be consuming actually really have really strong spy in themselves and my friends are really activated some of them are mean like there's a conventional pieces themselves in danger their life in danger that's not the language is the width thing is really then when people come hell you know what really changed the way I see things was that time I came to dinner to your house and we're just having a chance a really good friend really just tapping and tapping and we're cooking and then I just and I up to go to the windowsill take some basil and some rosemary and put it in the food and then keep going and like who you're delay to my senses you know at since that day when you stood up and go some herbes in the windowsills that really made me realize the food is all around us and not necessarily just in the supermarket Kristen Stewart has been organizing some event called bisco soup which were just perfect because again it goes back to the idea that you don't want to be preaching and telling people oh you shouldn't waste food or you know be more conscious when you buy something or yeah with your tire your own health he is a funny event yeah we got the food they would go to waste and some of it comes from this moment it wouldn't go to waste from the lemon but it's really also supra many ideas as involve man you can grow your own food so we get food from other allotments around it's great when people say I'm sorry I can't help you have gotten a waste I would really have the we tell them that the end goal is to not be able to do this cursive really good fun oh and it's called the discus it because of some discount so usually you've got either a live band always hard DJ do four or just a playlist going but if music so you just end up having really long tables and people cook together and it's starting with the person next to them and its really interesting again advise you get people engaged in a very positive way the real challenge with discusses is not finding switch this kind of fitting wasted so the real challenge is more the organization and then like cooking justice on time and things like that but people come back like whenever you see them again they recognize it allow you see the discussions you know I made that onion soup or I made this I read that and they happen all around the world all around Europe mainly I think what you're doing more and the question now is how to do it how has you have more of an impact because the website is the phone event but sharing the message is more of a challenge

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