I sneaked off to Sunday school already fact I've really got into it because my friends in the class had these little Bible stories that but it will give every time I went to Sunday school and I just had to have one of them so against the dad's wishes makes up to Sunday school to get my heart quite like the biggest daughter's used to do these the way she told stories Bible stories really interesting and they just seemed like jesus said to me a really nice guy and he was powerful but really always kind but this goes and has been I started first regular come to church here are contracts it sent different more open more inclusive and not rejecting any of the community well it's a kind of timeless thing I don't even see it as much as an institution because I don't really like organized religion alone I'm kind of open to different things I just go bad in my own way carrying P&A the compassion love which are actually all true things the fellowship being so I went to become a student of English drama and PE and that was quite a main thing PE and I really wanted to do p and then I got this spinal pain you have to do all kinds of sports and grids hundred meters I notice 100 meters it was like I couldn't run at least a second or two slower I noticed that so since I went to hospital there's a six-year-old girl being treated something met always young children of God's righteous and they opened my eyes to lots people people getting i'll try sort through life and through my own experience of the problems i realize that there's all these people around and they're not being recognized the need and when i came across the part i realize that was doing the same thing work for metal hell I've known about it but I've been involved with it since last year when they launched the time Union and versioning and it fitted in was stuffed aren't doing this why fries it's why some of the a penis Lorraine gave a talk about how the most important number one thing for recovery is hurt housing well I'm on a scrutiny panel or should start at the last few years and it is it's like a regulatory body on us that you scrutinize you you look into how wifis is performing it's really making sure that Wi-Fi has specialized ammonius with the purpose scrutiny is almost like Ofsted is for education social housing the quiet one amazed me that the people are doing a scrutinizing what tenant when these flats will be renovated I said that I needed a different height absolutely you know the Instagram so they did put it a different height but they put it about two foot higher just so pretty wife happen is we got two people at me they've got these problems I've got to alert them to this and not just for ourselves but for other people as a whole does feel different disabilities

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