[Music] right um join us at a small house in the Badlands of Chappell fields that I that I call home as you can see it's quite compact but you know whatever it is that happens happens here really every year on March the 8th and I've been doing this for the last few years or so I've I tend to rise a long facebook status about many of my female friends unfortunate enough to have many many female friends that I find absolutely inspiring some of them are involved in looking after children some of them are involved in community projects some of them are involved in local government many of them were involved in music and I think that's as good as any to celebrate them really my friend Christine mcnaught is the manager of Voser women Center who do some absolutely amazing work with women that have come from overseas and women that are genuinely at a disadvantage in life through education through training courses they provide a platform I think for women that otherwise might be isolated you know if I see a cause that I think is worth championing a champion it another


will you join us here at the nursery Tavern on the second Wednesday of the month which is a night where Elaine teeny having gone to the open mic nights but in on the Sunday she basically picks the best of that and invites them to come down here to play one of the best-kept secrets about coughing free in my opinion is is its music scene there's an awful lot going on not that many people outside of the said scene know what it's all about so here is my attempt to partly redress the balance and I have some experiences as a performer myself when I was a bit younger I know how hard it is to get people to come and see you I know how hard it is to promote many of these people are friends of mine and I really admire and respect their talents they've become friends through that through the music I write reviews for the native cotton free a local blog most of the ideas for what I review of my own in between concentrating on the performances that they might they might see me just sort of doodling away the notes the notes of any random person was people them up might look pretty incoherent but I do manage to kind of cobble them together you know and then construct at least a few paragraphs it's all part of the process really and I mean I you know I write while I was I can count the number of friends on one hand I've I haven't met through music it's a really unifying force it really brings people together everyone seems to know everyone in the local music community I mean they say there are a few degrees of separation in Coventry in general but especially so in them you know in the music scene people people seem to know everybody I generally think that there is more that unites people than divides people and music I think is one of the one of the best if not the best examples I can think of that there was a sense of real community spirit for example of the Bruce Springsteen concert I saw last year at the Ricoh Arena such an interaction between the audience and with Springsteen and the E Street Band and you know there just seems to be a real sense of community one might listen to heart rate songs when they're heartbroken is because frankly misery loves company when you're feeling that rubbish I think you want to know that somebody is suffering at least as badly as you are and preferably worse than you are you know there's a real kind of special emotional connection I mean certainly for me and I'm the most the people I know [Music] you [Music]

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