The video opens on a slide saying 'Sally Caren, Head of Adult Social Care and Support explains about 'Coventry's Adult Social Care Offer' and why it places people at the heart of care. 

Sally Caren - "Essentially our offer is in three parts. The first part is why we do what we do? What matters to us and what's important to you? The second part is how we're going to work with you. So how do we put you at the heart of everything that we do and then the third element is useful telephone numbers for you. All those useful agencies that we work with in partnership so that you can make some easy contact with them. Essentially the whole offer is designed for you to be able to, just if necessary, just take some telephone numbers from it.

The video ends on a slide saying 'To find out more, please visit'

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Published date
17 October 2022