What is the Coventry Local Plan? The Coventry Local plan sets out how much and what kind of development is needed in Coventry up until 2031. it was adopted in December 2017. the plan considers where any development should go and what policies should be applied to help the council decide whether planning applications are acceptable. An area action plan for the city centre was also produced at the same time. Why do we need to review the local plan? Policies of the adopted local plan and the area action plan should be reviewed every five years to see if they are up to date or if they need adjusting to reflect changes to National policy or other matters and this is what we are now doing we need to consider the review of the plan in light of changes to national government planning policy and the council's priorities including the one Coventry plan and the emerging climate change strategy we are also looking at other issues such as health housing employment retail open space transport Green Space infrastructure and much more we want your thoughts on the proposals. 
Our website tells you more about our plans and how to respond. Simply visit 
Our consultation will run from the 18th of July to the 12th of September. We look forward to hearing from you.

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