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This course explores the purpose and benefits of supervision from the perspective of the organisation, the supervisor, the supervisee, team and service user. It explores core functions of supervision and key skills for how to achieve them. Some broad models of supervision and managing staff are explored including supporting casework, workload management, learning and professional development and the basics of performance management.

This course provides a foundation for practice and can be used to underpin other supervision/management courses such as Professional Supervision for Social Workers, Supervision of students and NQSW’s or more in-depth courses on performance management

Course Outcomes

  • What constitutes effective supervision and its relationship to safe practice and positive outcomes for service users.
  • An understanding of how to utilise policies, agreements and models.
  • How past experience of supervision can impact on the supervisory relationship and the importance of developing and reviewing the supervisory relationship.
  • The importance of understanding the learning style of your supervisee.
  • Developing an effective authoritative supervision style and using the skills you have to develop and support staff in their roles to improve their well-being & practice and the outcomes for individuals and their family.
  • Taking a Strengths-Based approach and ensuring effective Managerial Oversight of Practice and Decision-Making.
  • Understanding how to address concerns and manage performance positively.
  • Recognising and responding to factors that might affect performance, the possible blocks to learning and development of the individual concerned and managing the impact of staff anxiety and the effect this may be having on critical thinking and decision making.
  • Managing and supporting staff who are struggling with supervision and/or in carrying out their role.
  • The importance and ability to record supervision effectively
Course length
1 day virtual
Target group

All Adult Social Care Senior Practitioners, Team Leaders and Service managers who have supervisory responsibilities




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