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Intuitive Thinking Skills (ITS) is a national peer-led organisation that provides attitude and behaviour change programmes and mentoring for young people who are at risk of disengaging from education due to poor mental health, involvement in gangs/criminal activity or drug and alcohol misuse.

Many of the students that we work with have complex needs ranging from Autism to Profound Multiple Learning Difficulties. Our staff have experience in working with these difficulties and making extraordinary progress with students who have been unable to integrate into any formal setting.
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Zack Haider / Jade Lawton
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07912 031530
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Confidence Building
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Course Description
Ambivalence Understanding when young people are ambivalent and acting against their better judgement.
Understanding the stress created by ambivalence and the impact.
Learning the structural approach to the brain to understand where conflicting thoughts originate, why ambivalence causes stress and how to reduce that stress.
Overcoming Procrastination looking at how ambivalence causes procrastination and putting off important decisions or tasks.
Understanding the impact of procrastination on mental health, well-being and productivity and learning ways to overcome procrastinating.
Passive & Active Thinking Learning passive voice recognition and where it originates from in the brain.
Exploring active alternatives and encouraging accountability for thoughts and actions, understanding the locus of control lies within.
Transposing Learning how to separate statements or thoughts to recognise the conflict of two clear opposing points of view.
Changing Language & Mind-Set Exploring the impact of language and labels on learning.
Looking at language, labels and metaphors how they can appear to remove choice and perceived powerlessness.
Overcoming Your Fears A structural approach to embracing change and understanding the science behind internal objections to planning and education.
Young people to understand why people respond to challenges in different ways and learning mechanism for appropriate responses to adversity and challenges. SWOT Analysis Self-assessment of strengths, weaknesses and transferrable skills. Learning how to plan for continued self-development to overcome threats and make the most of opportunities.

Peer-led delivery by a qualified specialist
Qualification (If Applicable)
NOCN Level 1 Award in Developing Life Skills to Build Personal Resilience
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
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Outreach/ Online
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Daily Rate of £202
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