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Fresh Start In Education LTD
We provide an interim engagement and education service designed to help students that are struggling with or out of education for any reason. Our plan is always to get them back into a formal education setting as soon as they are able, and to remain and be successful at this, having worked with over 1000 students.

Many of the students that we work with have complex needs ranging from Autism to Profound Multiple Learning Difficulties. Our staff have experience in working with these difficulties and making extraordinary progress with students who have been unable to integrate into any formal setting.
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Debrah Wilson
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0203 409 6410 – option 1
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Lift Off Programme
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Fresh Start in Education work with children and young people who are out of, or struggling with, education. This includes students who are at risk of exclusion, have already been temporarily or permanently excluded, school refusers, young offenders, those with emotional or behavioural difficulties, SEND, SEMH, serious and life limiting health problems and those who are generally disengaged from education, for whatever reason.

The programme is focused on re-engagement programmes from 5 years to 18+ years activity-based learning that develops soft skills and builds self-esteem to help learners make a successful transition to school, college, or training. Each programme is specifically tailored for each learner It consists of activities designed to develop learners' skills in 18 key characteristics that will aid their progression to manage their own learning, recognise their strengths and the characteristics they need to develop, and prepare for their reintegration. Where required with will also support the child or young person with their reintegration into full time education.

The ASDAN Lift Off programme develops soft skills, builds self-esteem and confidence to support a successful transition. The programme consists of activities designed to develop skills in 18 key characteristics and is made up of three modules, which contain six characteristics that will help develop:

Awareness: Strengths, Possibilities, Challenges, Routes, Information, Support
Aspiration: Self-worth, Self-efficacy, Self-control, Purpose, Resilience, Determination
Attainment: Planning, Communication, Self-improvement, Application, Collaboration, Problem Solving
Qualification (If Applicable)
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Ofsted Registered
All placement sessions take place within the home environment, local community or at the school site where the CYP is still on roll.
How to Apply
£68 per Hour (Minimum of 1 x 3 hour session Face to Face)
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