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Art & Design
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A course that provides the opportunity to work with a variety of materials and techniques to produce creative pieces, both in 2D and 3D. Work will be created by exploring a range of ideas including personal inspirations and interests. Touching upon these core elements of art: Line, Colour, Value, Shape 2D , Form 3D, Space, Texture.

The main aim of the course is to support students to develop their self-esteem and enjoyment of learning through creative work. The creative subjects help to develop many different skills including problem solving; critical thinking, analysing, self-expression, resilience and innovation.

Session 1 - Origami Corner Book marks - colour, shape, space, form, texture

Overview - A fairly simple paper craft and origami fold creating a useable object.

Skills: Composition, copying and recreating, problem solving, creative thinking to make original designs, attention to detail, observation, cutting and marking

Sessions 2 - Op Art – Optical Illusion - line, value, colour, shape

Overview - Creation of a piece of 3D optical illusion art in the form of a cone drawing in black and white using shading and highlighting techniques to bring the illusory effect to life.

Skills: Pencil and marker skills, Creating shadows and highlights, 1 point perspective, accuracy, accurate line marking,

Session 3 - Air Drying clay Part 1 - form, shape, texture

Overview - 3D modelling session over 2 parts. The first part covers working with air drying clay and creating the sculpture

Skills: Modelling, using tools, hand control, delicate work, detailed work, observation skills, forward planning, problem solving.

Session 4 - Air drying clay Part 2 - colour, form, value

Overview- Finishing the 3D pieces. Sanding, sealing and painting.

Skills: Finishing skills, refining, quality control, hand skills, creative choices, Brush skills, colour application and mixing, sanding skills, delicate work

Session 5 - Illuminated writing - colour, line, value, space, shape

Overview - Looking at medieval examples and modern art texts such as graffiti. Examining at how the letters are decorated. Exploring fonts and styles that could be adapted to create illuminated letter of their own initial.

Skills: Tracing, brush techniques, colour mixing and application, enlarging, control of paint medium, fine brush work, composition

Session 6 - Cards, greetings cards - colour, space, shape, line, texture, form

Overview - Bringing together skills learnt throughout the other sessions to create set of greetings cards that are good enough to give or sell at a charity school sale.

Skills: Composition, quality control, creative thinking, idea generation, product design, problem solving, design research, application of technique.
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