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Core Pathway - Curriculum - Functional skills
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Progressive Training
We are a small, nurturing provision that tailor learning journey’s to fit the needs of our student. We support students with special education, social and emotional need's to build awareness and develop strategies in order to succeed.
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Angela Saunders
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Functional Skills Science Level 1 - Level 2
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Course Description
NOCN Functional Skills in Science is designed to assist learners of all ages and levels to be able to confidently demonstrate the practical skills and knowledge of physics, biology and chemistry.

Every student will undertake an initial assessment to ensure they are enrolled onto the right level course. We employ adaptive learning techniques that focus on gaps in attainment and incorporate individual learning styles. This enables us to tailor the students' learning pathway and target areas for improvement. Our course provides foundations for learning and life, which includes academic (Functional Skill Qualification Certificate) and personal development opportunities (Award or Certificate in Skills for Employment, Training and Personal Development).

We provide a blended learning approach that combines the best elements of 1:1 or small cohort classroom lessons combined with break out sessions for self-paced e-learning that encourages digital literacy skills and student engagement.

Course Content

Science - Functional Skills Qualification
devise and refine their own hypotheses
plan and carry out investigations
select and deploy evidence to reach and justify their conclusions.
Personal Development
Digital skills - Using spreadsheet software, functions and formulas
Personal Budgeting and Managing Money
Healthy Living
Home and Personal Safety
Emotional Intelligence
The Local Community
Assertiveness and Decision Making
Taking Part in an Activity
Qualification (If Applicable)
● Functional Skill Qualification in Science ( Level 1 - Level 2) ● Award / Certificate in Skills for Employment, Training and Personal Development EL1 - L2
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
Allard House 38 Moor Street Earlsdon Coventry CV5 6EQ
How to Apply
Daily Rate of £160
Coventry Alternative Provision