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Whether it is programmes to equip young people with valuable social skills for their future, improve relationships and raise their aspirations or programmes designed to enhance mental health and wellbeing and personal development or to gain new skills and qualifications - we have bespoke programmes designed just for you.
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Flourish - Wilderness Therapy - An Outdoor Intervention Programme for SEMH, ADHD, and Autism
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Flourish is a termly behavioural intervention programme that addresses the specific needs of young people with Social, Emotional, and Mental Health (SEMH) needs, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It's designed using a phase-oriented schema therapy approach, which is integrated with outdoor activities to provide a unique, engaging, and therapeutic experience.

The programme aims to improve young people's mental well-being, self-regulation skills, and social interactions. The outdoor environment serves as a natural context for delivering therapeutic interventions, providing ample opportunities for experiential learning, physical movement, and interaction with nature.

Flourish is divided into three phases:

1. Phase 1 - Engagement and Stabilisation (Weeks 1-4) This phase focuses on establishing rapport and trust with the participants, understanding their behavioural patterns, and teaching them basic self-regulation skills. Activities may include nature walks, outdoor mindfulness exercises, and simple team-building games. These activities aim to foster a sense of belonging, improve attention, and reduce impulsivity, common issues for those with SEMH, ADHD, and Autism.

2. Phase 2 - Processing and Integration (Weeks 5-8) This phase focuses on helping participants process their feelings, thoughts, and behaviours, and develop healthier coping mechanisms. Activities may include guided group discussions around a campfire, reflection time in nature, and expressive arts using natural materials. These activities aim to facilitate emotional expression, enhance empathy, and promote problem-solving skills.

3. Phase 3 - Consolidation and Application (Weeks 9-12) This phase focuses on consolidating skills learned and applying them in a variety of contexts. Activities may include leadership tasks in outdoor adventures, cooperative games, and planning and executing a small project in the park. These activities aim to boost confidence, enhance social skills, and promote independence and resilience.

Flourish's unique combination of phase-oriented schema therapy and outdoor activities provides a practical and supportive framework for young people with SEMH, ADHD, and Autism. The programme not only addresses their specific behavioural patterns but also fosters a love for nature, promotes physical health, and instils a sense of achievement and self-worth.

Programme Highlights:

1. **Individualised Approach: ** Recognising that every young person is unique, the Flourish programme is tailored to meet individual needs and capabilities. Taking into consideration the varying needs of individuals with SEMH needs, ADHD, and Autism, the programme ensures that each participant is engaged at a level that is comfortable yet challenging for them.

2. **Experiential Learning: ** The programme is rooted in the belief that the best learning comes from doing. Through a range of outdoor activities, young people are given opportunities to explore, learn, and grow in a real-world environment. This hands-on approach fosters a deeper understanding of self and others, promoting personal and social development.

3. **Safe and Supportive Environment: ** The Flourish programme is committed to creating a safe and supportive outdoor environment where young people can express themselves freely, learn at their own pace, and feel valued and accepted. The staff members are experienced outdoor educators with additional training in schema therapy, ensuring that each participant receives the necessary support and guidance.

4. **Parental/Carer Involvement: ** Recognising the importance of the home environment in young people's development, the Flourish programme encourages parental/carer involvement. Parents/carers are invited to participate in certain activities and are provided with regular updates on their child's progress. This not only helps to reinforce the skills learned during the programme at home but also fosters a stronger parent/carer-child relationship.

Example Activities:

1. **Nature-Based Crafts: ** Participants might engage in activities such as making bird feeders or creating artwork with natural materials. These activities can help improve fine motor skills, encourage creativity, and provide a calming, focused activity for individuals with ADHD or Autism.

2. **Gardening Projects: ** Planting and nurturing their own plants can foster a sense of responsibility, patience, and accomplishment in participants. It can also serve as a tool for discussing growth and change.

3. **Outdoor Cooking: ** Preparing and cooking food outdoors can be a rewarding experience that encourages teamwork, planning, and problem-solving. It also provides a tangible end result that participants can be proud of.

4. **Wildlife Observation: ** Observing and learning about local wildlife can provide a sense of connection to the natural world and promote patience and focus.

With its comprehensive and thoughtful approach, the Flourish programme offers a unique opportunity for young people with SEMH needs, ADHD, and Autism to grow, learn, and flourish in an outdoor environment.

This programme falls into the ‘Flourish Category’ which is a highly supportive 12 weeks programme (2 days per week), where a student is educated through the use of therapeutic approaches and a full assessment is completed throughout the duration of the course. This Flourish Pathway Review can be used by schools to initiate or update a ‘My Support Plan’ for the student which will be provided to the referring school at the end of the placement with recommendations, advisories of support and student development feedback.

This Tier 2 Targeted Programme has been specifically designed to address SEMH needs, ADHD, and Autism which may be affecting their attendance and behaviour at school.
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