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Personal Development
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Course Description
This course provides learners with the skills required to run and manage a forest school setting when conducting Outdoor Skills programmes and activities. It is designed to meet the needs of teachers and practitioners in providing everything required to set up a Forest School.

A certificated Level 2 qualification for young people: Understand the learning theories which underpin quality Outdoor Skills practice and how to apply theories in everyday practice Learn about site selection, site set-up, woodland management and how to do this sustainably Learn practical skills around the use of fire and safe effective use of tools in an education setting Gain knowledge of setting up, delivering and evaluating outdoor skills programmes Safely conduct risk assessments and follow health and safety protocols associated with outdoor learning.

LO 1 – Be able to apply practical skills in an outdoor learning context

AC 1.1 - Demonstrate safe use of hand tools for bush craft activity.
AC 1.2- Know how to maintain and store tools in a safe manner.
AC 1.3 - Demonstrate usage of knots and lashings in a woodland setting
AC 1.4 – Create crafted items using natural woodland resources that are appropriate for woodland-based activities. (for example Spoons, pegs, and pot stands.)
AC 1.5 - Erect three different types of temporary shelters using tarps and natural woodland resources.

LO 2 – Be able to prepare for outdoor activity

AC 2.1 - Select appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for example, gardening gloves, fireproof gloves, and suitable clothing
AC 2.2 Explain the selection of PPE
LO 3 - Be able to safely use fire in an outdoor learning context

AC 3.1 - Select a suitable location for a fire
AC 3.2 - Construct a fire suitable to the situation
AC 3.3 - Demonstrate how to safely light and extinguish a fire.
AC 3.4- Demonstrate how to safely interact with a fire.
AC 3.5 - Manage a group around a fire
AC 3.6 - Deliver an introduction to using fire session
AC 3.7 - Use a campfire to cook

LO 4 - Know how to identify the flora and fauna in an outdoor setting

AC 4.1 - Identify plants on own site
AC 4.2 - Identify animals on own site
AC 4.3 - Identify Fungi on own site
AC 4.4 - Describe the importance of identification of flora / fauna / fungi

LO 5 – The Learner will be able to safely manage leaving the ground activities

AC 5.1 - Describe safe and appropriate low-climbing on a selection of trees
AC 5.2 - Select appropriate equipment for required activities
AC 5.3 - Build a rope bridge

LO 6 - The Learner will be able to understand relevant Health and Safety policies and procedures, and working knowledge for relevant Outdoor Skills

AC 6.1 - Describe current Health and Safety policies and procedures relevant to working outdoors
AC 6.2 - Describe how to maintain own knowledge and Outdoor Skills
Qualification (If Applicable)
Level 2 Award in Outdoor Skills Competency.
Coombe Abbey Visitor Centre, Brinklow Road, Coventry, CV3 2AB
How to Apply
Daily Rate of £100
Coventry Alternative Provision