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We are a small, nurturing provision that tailor learning journey’s to fit the needs of our student. We support students with special education, social and emotional need's to build awareness and develop strategies in order to succeed.
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Angie Saunders
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07940 243144
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Personal Development with Game Design Fundamentals
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Course Description
This course offers game design fundamentals, which includes details like game mechanics, genre, worldbuilding, story creation and coding.

Coding in Python: Python is an excellent programming language to start with. It's beginner-friendly and widely used in game development. You will learn the basics of Python syntax, variables, loops, conditionals, and functions. Gradually, they can learn how to create game mechanics using Python.
Game Mechanics: Game mechanics are the rules and systems that govern how a game functions. The student will be encouraged to think about different types of games they enjoy playing and what makes them engaging. They will learn about concepts like player input, scoring, levels, and challenges.
Story Creation: Storytelling is a crucial aspect of game design. Students will develop their skill in creative writing to produce narratives that drive their games. They can brainstorm ideas, develop characters, and think about conflict and resolution. This helps them understand the importance of plot, dialogue, and pacing.
Character Development: Characters bring games to life! Students will develop their characters' appearance, personalities, and abilities. Also, a discussion on the importance of creating relatable and well-rounded characters that players can connect with.
World Building: World building involves creating immersive and captivating game environments. Students will design unique landscapes, cities, or fantasy realms. They can think about the geography, climate, architecture, and history of their game worlds.
Genre: Introduce students to different game genres (such as, platformers, puzzles, adventures) and help them understand the characteristics of each. This will inspire them to explore various game styles and mechanics.
Course Unit Breakdown

D/505/4067 Interpersonal Skills
D/506/7949 Planning & Reviewing
F/506/7944 Exploring the Gaming Sector
F/505/4224 Creating 2D Artwork
F/505/5048 Creative Writing Skills
M/502/4572 Design Software - coding using Python
Personal Development

Digital skills - Using multimedia and image software
Personal Budgeting and Managing Money
Healthy Living
Home and Personal Safety
Emotional Intelligence
The Local Community
Assertiveness and Decision Making
Taking Part in an Activity - Create a game
Qualification (If Applicable)
Certificate in Game Design L1 - L2 Award / Certificate in Skills for Employment, Training and Personal Development EL1 - L2
Ofsted Registered
Allard House 38 Moor Street Earlsdon Coventry CV5 6EQ
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Daily Rate of £150
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